Top 5 Celebrity-Owned Brands

Fenty Beauty There would be no person in the makeup and fashion industry who might not have heard this brand name and not praise it. Rihanna’s vision to include everyone in her makeup brand, especially people of darker skin tones, was appreciated and welcomed by many. Fenty Beauty’s foundation comes in 50 different shades.

Rare Beauty American actress and singer Selena Gomez founded her make-up brand Rare Beauty in 2020. Her interest in Make-up was fuelled early on and beauty products became a passion for her. She worked on her brand Rare Beauty for several years and was involved in the development and conception of all products from the very beginning. Her vision for the brand was that it used to strengthen and appreciate the uniqueness and special features of an individual.

About Face Beauty US electro-pop singer Ashley Frangipane, better known as Halsey, founded her make-up brand About Face in 2021. The entire company is vegan and animal-free. True to the motto that there are no rules, the make-up at About Face is colorful and gaudy to achieve expressive looks. About Face offers highly pigmented colors that last. Make-up with integration and intention is the brand’s guiding principle. Halsey is particularly inspired by the LGBTQIA+ community and wants her brand to reach out to all people.

R.E.M. Beauty As of November 12, 2020, Ariana Grande debuted her own line of beauty products under the title R.E.M. Beauty. Her line was met with mostly positive reviews, and makeup gurus such as Manny MUA, NikkieTutorials, and Robert Welsh poured their love for the brand. Grande also has a fragrance under the same name. She explained that despite the increasing number of celebrities entering the beauty space with their own brands, she wanted to create her own to offer products that she wants and needs.

Florence By Mills Millie Bobby Brown, the 18-year-old actress known for the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, founded her own make-up and skincare brand Florence in 2019. The brand is PETA-certified, vegan, animal-test-free and without harmful ingredients. In addition, the Florence brand donates to the Olivia Hope Foundation, which researches cures for childhood cancer. The products at Florence are specially made for young people and the main target group is clearly Generation Z. The products come in a pastel-colored design.

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