Top 5 Star Wars Series:

Top 5 Star Wars Series:

Star Wars; Visions (2021):    In 2021, Star Wars entered into the anime arena. With 'Visions,' Star Wars wanted to create anthologies with the best anime creators. They wanted to bring forth different cultural perspectives of the existing plots.

Star Wars: Resistance (2018-2022):     The story follows the adventures of Kazunda Xiono, a pilot recruited by Resistance to stop the growing forces of the First Order.

Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018): Set five years prior to the events of 'Star Wars; A New Hope,' The story follows the group of rebels who board the starship Ghost to fight the evil Galactic empire.

The Mandalorian :    This live-in action series traces the journey of the new warrior 'Mandalorian.' It is set in before the formation of the first world and after the fall of the empire.

Star Wars : Clone Wars:    The animated series documents the war between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems. It acts as the bridge to the events of 'Attack of the Clones' and 'Revenge of the Sith.'

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