Top 5 DCEU Villains

Top 5 DCEU Villains

El Diablo (Suicide Squad)           El Diablo means "the devil" in Spanish. Jay Hernandez played this menacing character who has a gift/curse of pyrokinesis. Jay played the character with pitch-perfect volume of darkness and self-awareness. The climax sequence resolves the conflict about the powers he has.

Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)       One of the toughest rivals of the Gotham's Dark Knight, Tom brought that physicality and fatality to the character of Bane. He derives strength from from the vial of energy that Dr. Poison creates.

Amanda Waller           She is smart, human, and the most loved villain in the DCEU. Amanda is the director of A.R.G.U.S who recruits metahumans to stop the evils of Enchantress and later destroys any information on Project Starfish. The betrayal in the process to destroy the Jotunheim base leads her to infiltrate Project Butterfly.

General Zod (Man Of Steel)            One of the earliest DCEU villains, General Zod played by Michael Shannon in Man Of Steel is a complex character. The arrogant, deadly, and yet vulnerable, Zod had it all in him to destroy the earth making an interesting foe to the DCEU Kryptonian superhero.

Joker (The Dark Knight)         In this prequel to Batman Begins, Nolan puts the Cape Crusader and the villain, Joker in a yin-and-yan situation. The grey zones of the vigilante played by the ever-fatal Heath Ledger are where there is a confluence of the individuality of the superhero and the social consciousness of the antagonist.

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