Top 5 Films Based On Mental Health

Top 5 Films Based On Mental Health

Inside Out (2015)        The film tells the story a girl Riley who moves out to a new place and feels overwhelmed confused how to emote. Pixar has beautifully illustrated the relation between emotions and actions and healthily depicting it

Good Will Hunting (1997)      The film exploresn the theme of acknowledgement and acceptance of the past trauma and abuse. Will is a brilliant theorist, but is faced with his past which can jeopardize his present.

Ben Is Back(2018)        Addiction is clinically recognised as mental illness which also leads to other mental health challenges. It is a story of resilience of a family to save their loved one, Ben.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)         The film follows story of Pat, who is a patient of bipolar disorder, comes out of a medical program and tries to win his ex-wife. However, fate leads him to meet Hillary, also suffering from bipolar disorder finds refuge in each other.

Girl, Interrupted (1999)        This memoir turned movie takes us inside the American psychiatric hospital. Susana gets admitted for attempting suicide, but to understand herself better she interacts with other patients only to know she is not ill. 

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