Top 5 Films Exploring Lesbian Relationships

Top 5 Films Exploring Lesbian Relationships

Pariah (2015)          Pariah is the story of Alike, who is coming to terms with her sexuality. It explores the dichotomy of the coming out process.

My Summer Of Love (2004)         The film explores the themes of lesbian love, class, and religion. Mona, a 16-year-old gets out of her house to Yorkshire town and meets Tamsin. They fall in love amidst facing their personal demons.

Carol (2015)         The film is adapted from Patricia Highsmith novel 'The Price Of Salt.' A divorcee Carol falls in love with a young store assistant Therese. What follows is deepening of their connection, and resurfacing of her past marriage problems

Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013)          This Palm d'Or winning film is the most intimate account of the lesbian love. The story follows an introverted young girl Adele with a blue-haired girl Emma. It again explores the theme of class and love 

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (2020):        The film set in 18th century follows the slow-burning love story of a painter and her muse. This delicate early-stage story of love turns out to be one of aching and longing.

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