Top 5 Timothée Chalamet Films

Top 5 Timothée Chalamet Films

My Beautiful Boy (2018)           This father-son relationship and the turbulence it faces due to son's addiction is a disturbingly beautiful tale. Timothée succesfully portrayed the complications of an addict. 

The King (2019)        Chalamet plays the character of Hal who has ascended the throne and assists England in a war with France. Chalamet bodied every nuance of the character including the accent.

Little Women (2019)          In this period drama, the actor embodies the prince Laurie, who slithers on ball floors and roam around country side in the period costumes exuding suaveness. The film is rich, intelligent, aware, and visually aesthetic.

Dune (2021)          This sci-fi fiction grapples colonialism and the anxiety of succession. The film revolves around young Paul Atreides who goes on the adventure to take vengeance of his family. Chalamet plays Paul with honesty, bending the conventional masculinity with brilliant physical and psychic attributes.

Call Me By Your Name(2017):        In this summer, slow burning romance Luca Guadagnino has portrayed intimacy between two curious individuals exploring their sexuality and forbidden love. The actor has played the 17-year-old Elio with the vulnerability and the inquisitiveness of a young, intelligent infatuated being.

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