Top 5 Halloween Haunted Houses In The US

Top 5 Halloween Haunted Houses In The US

Nightmare On 13th, Utah       Established in 1990, this haunted house in the Salt Lake City Utah have had different themes over the years with realistic sets and superior special effects. They have introduced 'Institute of Terror'.

Fields Of Screams, Pennsylvania    The horror house was established in 1993. They are in the 30th year of scaring America. Fields of Screams have been featured in many noted shows and channels. They have four of their best spots which includes Haunted Hayride, Den Of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, Nocturnal Wasteland. 

13th Gate, Louisiana           One of the America's Scariest Horror house, 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has 13 'nightmarish realms' including an abandoned asylum, underground tunnels, and rickety bridge surrounded with snakes, zombie infested graveyard, Whitechapel, and many more.

The Dent Schoolhouse, Ohio The haunted house is built in a real school which existed in 1894. It is believed that a mass murder has happened here in 1950s, when janitor was suspected killing students. This Cincinnati haunted house has banked on this legend and has become the scariest in the country.

Netherworld, Georgia.        Located in Atlanta, this haunted house was built by Ben Armstrong, a TV Production person and Billy Messina, a former Hollywood VFX person. They developed original characters and scenes at the place with live actors, incredible monsters with 'The Undying Horror' and 'Parasitic' themes for 2022.

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