Top 5 TV Shows Based On True Stories 

Described as "one of the greatest series of all times", it tells the tale of the 1986 catastrophic disaster that led to the explosion of the nuclear reactor affecting thousands living in the area.


It is the true story of Central Park Five, five boys who were accused of rape and assault in 1990 wrongfully and had to serve years in prison. They had been the victims of police corruption and racism.

When They See Us

The heartbreaking series is all colorful and vibrant until the Aids epidemic starts wiping down the population of London in the 1980s. Russell T Davies, the show maker was inspired by the life of one of his friends Jill during those days.

It's A Sin 

As the name suggests, the series is about the poet from New England, Emily Dickinson. The show brings a different light on the artist as she rebels against the constraints of society, gender, and family in a promising manner.


'Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning article, 'Unbelievable Story of Rape', the serialized version focuses on the real-life trauma and resilience of a teenage girl by the name Marie.


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