Top 5 Joe Rogan Podcast Episodes

Edward Snowden (JRE #1368 & JRE #1536) In this episode, Joe Rogan explores how government secretly monitors people’s privacy. Edward Snowden’s appearance on the JRE podcast in 2019 came as a complete surprise. No one expected the show to host such a high-profile whistleblower. It was hard to pause the episode — the conversation ran for 3 hours, and Snowden talked about how smartphones tracked your every move, his life in exile, his open criticism of Putin at the time, and more. A fun fact from the episode: Snowden even searched the NSA for evidence of aliens.

Elon Musk (#1169, #1470, & #1609) In this episode Elon Musk spoke about his various ventures. On the podcast, Elon talks about artificial intelligence, Neuralink, Tesla, and more. Ep #1169 got Elon into quite the mess, when he smoked pot on air while speaking to Rogan. The move also caused Tesla’s stock prices to drop for a while. The same podcast is one of the most watched JRE episodes, having received 60 million views.

Bernie Sanders (#1330) The Democratic presidential candidate of 2019 appeared on Joe’s podcast the same year. He also endorsed Bernie, stating that he had been ‘insanely consistent’ in his political positions his whole life. Joe even asks Bernie the critical question — “If you go into office, and found out something about aliens, or UFO’s, would you let us know?.” The question came after an hour of engaging discussion on topics of gun control and decriminalization of drugs. Bernie’s answer — “My wife would demand I let you know.”

Quentin Tarantino (#1675) This juicy episode is a treat for Tarantino fans — there are so many interesting tidbits that you won’t find in any other interview with the director. Tarantino says that Reservoir Dogs was meant to be a $30,000 movie. However, he finally made the movie with a budget of $1.2 million —thanks to some investors. The budget was small in Holywood terms but far surpassed Tarantino’s original vision. The filmmaker also said that he plans to stop making movies after the 10th one.

Neil Degrasse Tyson (#1159, #1347, & #1658) The astrophysicist has been on Joe’s channel a bunch of times. Joe is curious about science-related topics (what isn’t Joe interested in tbh), and since he’s a layman, he usually gets the speaker to break down science in an easy-to-understand way. Neil and Joe talk about aliens, science denial, the future of water shortage, and more throughout the various podcasts.

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