Top 5 John Oliver Slams

The infamous 2022 Oscars slap is officially the year’s most polarizing pop culture moment, but it seems the one opinion that we don’t need is O.J. Simpson’s. On the April 3 episode of “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” host  mocked Simpson weighing in on Smith attacking  Chris Rock during the March 27 ceremony.

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OJ Simpson Slammed

John Oliver Eviscerates Law & Order Franchise, Accuses Dick Wolf of Peddling 'Fantasy' of Law Enforcement

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Dick Wolf Slammed

While his show Last Week Tonight was on hiatus, Oliver dropped a YouTube exclusive video to complain about the Dan Brown novel. His gripe lies more with the puzzle at the heart of the book and movie. The simplicity of the puzzle. A - P - P - L - E 

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Da Vinci Code Slammed

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver slammed the increase in robocalls and joked that the FCC is "definitely aware of the problem" as they are the number one consumer complaint for the FCC.

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FCC Slammed

HBO host John Oliver hammered Dustin Hoffman about the sexual allegations that were against him in a panel in December celebrating the 20th anniversary of Barry Levinson’s ‘Wag the Dog.’

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Dustin Hoffman Slammed

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