Top 5 Most Powerful Sins In Seven Deadly Sins

5. King Harlequin or King, is the sin of sloth. He is not only the king of fairies. He is also the most influential and the most powerful fairy king.    He has the ability to disaster. The skill allows King to have complete dominion over the fairy King’s forest.

4.Merlin  She is the sin of gluttony. She is also Belialuin’s daughter and is the strongest mage in Brittania. She has mastered numerous spells that are quite useful in defeating strong opponents. Due to her incredible magic, she was coveted by both the Demon King and the Supreme Deity to join their sides in the holy war. 

3. Ban  Ban is Meliodas’s closest companion and in specific ways, his best friend as well. He is the sin of greed and is immortal due to his drinking from the fountain of youth which was forbidden. This drink which caused immortality however helped survive the harsh conditions of purgatory. 

2. Escanor  Escanor is the most liked character in the entire show is the sin of pride. At first glance, it is unclear why he is the sin of pride; it only becomes clear when Escanor shows his combat abilities. After Meliodas’s powers got stolen, he was considered the strongest character in the entire series. 

1. Meliodas Meliodas, our protagonist is the sin o wrath. He was the first character to be introduced in the show and despite his outward appearance which is considered cute by some fans, is the strongest of The Seven Deadly Sins.