Top 5 Popular Korean Movies 

A South Korean black comedy thriller movie, that questions the existing class division and discrimination in society. The poor Kim family finds their support and solace in the wealthy Park family. They develop a symbiotic relationship that finally ends in tragedy.

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The plot revolves around the lead detective Park doo-man along with another cop is trying to find the serial killer who molested young girls over the years.

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Memories of Murder 

The movie  focuses on a rich Japanese woman and her journey to freedom. She hires a handmaiden, who works hand in hand with a con man to cheat her out of her wealth.

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This is one of  highest-grossing  movies  in the history of South Korea. It revolves around the investigation in connection with the fatal shooting that happened within the DMZ, the heavily fortified border that separates South and North Korea.

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The action horror film is based around a zombie virus breakout that plagues South Korea. While on a journey to Busan, the passengers get affected by the virus. When everyone on the train gets affected a father sacrifices his life to save his daughter and a fellow pregnant woman passenger and help them reach safety.

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