Top 5 Rihanna Songs

Top 5 Rihanna Songs

Man Down (2010)        In 2000s, Riihanna was at her creative best experimenting. With Man Down, she got inspired by Reggae, Socca, and dancehall. With modern electro fusion, she gave us the most controversial song about killing her assaulter.

Love On The Brain(2016)     The last album before Rihanna took a hiatus from music was where she not only barred her soul but there was a cross-pollination of genres. In this slow, falsetto-induced, soul track, RiRi served the Navy with modernized words with the energy of the old-school soul.

All Of The Lights(2010)           When Kanye curated a choir-esque song featuring the likes of Drake, Elton John, Kid Cudi, and John Legend. However, RiRi led as the vocalist in this meticulously produced anthem. The end of the decade proved that Rihanna could eat any artist on the feature.

Umbreella (2007) When good girl went bad, RiRi became one of the forces to reckon with. This Jay-Z feature gave the singer her first Grammy Award. With inspiration from Rock and rhytmic undercurrents of drums and guitar, the song is one of the defining moments of her career.

We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris (2011) The time when RiRi rejuvenated her career from the dancehall and pop decade, she entered the new decade with EDM. Rihanna along with the Scottish DJ Calvin Harris gave us the house theme party song of the year that year. It became the No.1 single of 2011 charting the Billboard 100 charts for ten weeks.

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