Lizzo On Living In Her Car 13 Years Ago

Lizzo opened up in an interview about living in her car in 2009 and also discussed the experience in her new HBO Max documentary ‘Love, Lizzo’.

Shortly after her father’s sudden death in 2009, Lizzo lost her job and apartment. Lizzo’s documentary touches on Thanksgiving of that year, as she remembers crying in her 1998 Subaru that she was living in. The musician told Variety’s Angelique Jackson that the holidays bring up feelings of fear and anxiety. “This was a trauma that I wish we could have avoided because I’m still working out that trauma. Like, that has shown up in a lot of places in my life,” Lizzo told the outlet.

“I was like, ‘Damn,’ that was 2009 [and I’m] still anxious. I still feel like something’s gonna get taken away from me. I’m still scared, and I think it’s unfortunate,” she told Variety. “But I am grateful that all these years later, I have a house. I have family, friends, people who love me, and now I have control of that situation. Where I didn’t have control, when I had a lot of fear [before], I have a lot of peace now.”

During a TikTok Q&A with fans in September, the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer was asked how she stayed positive while living in her car. In the video, Lizzo admitted she didn’t stay positive and told her fans that she persevered by remembering it was just one part of her story.

Since 2009, the entertainer has won three Grammys, including best pop solo performance for her hit single ‘Truth Hurts’ in 2020. In November, Lizzo was nominated for five major Grammys for her fourth studio album Special,” including album of the year.

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