Top 5 Strongest Dragons In Fairy Tail

In the Fairy Tail universe, dragons are at the top of the food chain. These Dragons are not all equally potent, though. In fact, some are so much stronger than others that their own kind is terrified of them.

5. Igneel Natsu, the main character of Fairy Tail, is the son of Igneel. He is one of the dragons who helped humanity and treated them like people rather than as food. He was a formidable fire dragon in Fairy Tail who was more powerful than most of the other dragons.

4. Selene The moon dragon god Selene is said to be as powerful as Acnologia. She typically appears in human form. After eliminating the previous guild master, a dragon slayer, of the wizard guild Diabolos, she was appointed to the position.

3. Ignia The son of Igneel, the fire dragon king, is none other than Ignia, the fire dragon deity. He is a character in the 100-year journey storyline, which has not yet seen an anime adaptation. He was one of the dragons that survived Acnologia's dragon slaughter, along with all the other Dragon Gods.

2. Aldoron The God of the Wood Dragon, Aldoron uses earth magic. He is by far the largest dragon that Fairy Tail has ever seen. Additionally, he is the only dragon to have engaged Acnologia head-on and survived. But after that, his abilities were considerably reduced.

1. Acnologia Acnologia was originally a human who overused his dragon-slaying abilities to the point where he transformed into a dragon. For more than 400 years, his dominance was unmatched. Even the most powerful Dragons were wary of him because he was known for destroying entire nations at will.

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