Top 5 Thanksgiving Day Games

Face The Pie Materials needed are gummy ABC letters, pie tins and spray whipped cream or real. Before the party, pull out gummy letters that spell P-I-E for each letter. Put one letter of each of those words into an empty aluminum pie tin. Fill each of those pin tins with spray whipped cream and put in the refrigerator so they don’t melt while you’re waiting to play. To play, players must race to eat through their pies to find the letters inside. Once they find the letters inside, they must unscramble them to create the Thanksgiving themed word you came up with. Make sure to give each player an extra pie tin to toss their found letters into for unscrambling! Throughout everything, even unscrambling, they can only use their mouth.

The Mayflower You would need a storage container, small corks, fake flowers and plastic straws. Fill a big long storage containers with water. Give everyone a small cork with a fake flower stuck into it and have them put in on one end of the storage container. To win, player must be the first one to get their cork from one end of the storage container to the other, by only blowing on it. They can either blow on it alone or through a plastic straw. First cork “boat” to touch the other end wins.

Feather Float Buy few small light feathers or just tissue paper. Give each player a fake feather. To play, players must blow the feather in the air and keep it floating in the air as long as possible. If you’re playing individual style games, they must keep it up for a minute. If you’re playing team or head to head, whoever keeps it up longest.

Football Flick You need some paper footballs or mini footballs, buckets and pots, masking tape and markers to add scores. Give each player paper footballs or mini footballs and line up a bunch of buckets or baskets at varying length. Tape a number to each of the buckets – the furthest one should be 7 points, the middle should be 3 points, and the closest should be 1. Players have one minute to flick (like you’re playing paper football) footballs into the buckets, scoring as many points as possible in the minute. Or have teams play simultaneously by using different colored footballs, and see who can get to 21 points first. Or if that’s too hard, see who can make a football into any bucket first.

Dumbcharades Nothing can go wrong with this classic game for this thanksgiving day. Divide into as many teams you want. One person from another team can give a word for a person from the opposite to team to enact to their team. The person should mime the word to his/her team and the team members should find what the word is. Easy!

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