Touchland Sanitizer Seen In North West Kardashian TikTok


There is a new influencer form the Kardashian family, North West Kardashian, daughter of Kim and Kanye West .

She may be just 9 years old , but she is has a Twitter account with about 11 million followers. 

On a recent TikTok, the little influencer used a Touchland 's Power Mist hand sanitizer. 

This viral post caused a hike in the sales of the hand sanitizer . 

“A rep from Touchland said that North's post has caused  the product being " sold out at all retailers in less than two weeks". 

North had posted using the brand on three different occasions, which showcased her daily routine and beauty regime. 

Her TikTok  posts with Touchland has about 24 million views,.

Touchland hand sanitizers are pocket size spray that can keep keep your hands soft and moisturized, and protecting it all along. 

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