True Story Behind 'The Imposter' On Netflix


Netflix has released yet another true crime documentary titled 'The Imposter' based on the life of the con artist Frédéric Bourdin

It is the story of a French trickster, who impersonated a Texan young chap Nicholas Patrick Barclay. Nicholas went missing in 1994.

Three years after he went missing, Spanish authorities told the Barclays that they have found their son, but he was Frédéric, a brown-eyed boy. Despite having different features, the family accepted him

Frédéric Bourdin was born a Parisian. At a young age, his parents abandoned him. So, he grew up with his grandparents. Since young age, he cooked a fictionalized life for others. Due to his behavior, he was taken to a correction center.

In 1990, he came to Paris pretending to be a lost British teenager, because he wanted to live in England for rest of his life. Bourdin has forged 40 identities across Europe.

However, his lie was caught by an FBI agent, and he confessed that he is Frédéric Bourdin. He also accused the family of killing their son. This was the reason they accepted him, so that they can conceal the truth.

For the longest time, it was suspected that Nicholas' brother, Jason is the culprit. But, he died of overdose in 1998. 

Frédéric Bourdin was found guilty of perjury and sent to penitentiary for six years. In 2007, he got married, and he has three kids. Unfortunately, Nicholas was never found.

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