Ultra Ego Vegeta V/s MUI Goku: Who Would Win?


Ultra Ego Vegeta V/S MUI Goku is one fight that not only the Dragon Ball fans, but the rest of the anime fans have been waiting for. Whilst it is unlikely that the fight will happen soon, one can speculate. Let's see who would win in a fight.  

The ultra instinct is used by the angels and the ultra ego is used by the gods of destruction. Both of these forms are extremely powerful and unique. 

MUI Goku would most definitely have more defensive power than UE Vegeta. It was proven in the Granolah arc and the tournament of power that MUI has amazing defensive abilities.

In terms of raw strength, UE Vegeta has the upper hand. However, the downside is, that Vegeta has had only a chance to showcase his abilities whilst much more is known about Goku's MUI.

In terms of potential, Goku wins. It is known to Dragon Ball fans that Goku always pushes his limits during a fight and the same would happen in his fight with Vegeta. 

Based on the forms alone, Ultra Instinct seems to have more potential than Ultra ego. However, that is based on speculation alone as not much is known about the Ultra Ego form.

Therefore, MUI Goku would win against Ultra Ego Vegeta based on speculation. The tide of the battle may very well change if new advancements take place in the plot. 

But as of now, Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku wins against Ultra Ego Vegeta.

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