What Are Powers Of Angel Devil In Chainsaw Man?

Angel devil in the anime Chainsaw Man shows the fear of angels. He is also a member of the Public Safety devil hunters. He is shown to have shoulder-length hair which appears to be red as per the official colored manga. He also has a halo floating above his head and white wings on his upper back

Who Is Angel Devil?

The angel devil is extremely lazy and he hates anybody ordering him. Due to his extreme laziness, he often refuses to work. He can also steal the lifespan of people to make weapons for himself. Due to all of this, he is socially awkward and the only person he is close to is Aki Hayakawa. 

The angel devil has enhanced reflexes. He is fast enough to block bullets with the help of his wings and he can even keep up with Quanxi’s amazing speed

What Are The Angel Devil's Powers?

Life-Span Absorption: Through direct physical touch, the Angel Devil can absorb human life spans. If they touch for a long enough time, this will finally kill the injured person without any pain. The Angel Devil calculated that Aki had lost two months of his life after momentarily grabbing his hand.

 Life-Span Weapons: The Angel Devil can transform the siphoned life spans into weapons with supernatural properties through his halo such as Aki's katana which can cut through the normally intangible Ghost, Devil.  Due to his nightmares about the people he siphoned their life spans, he is hesitant to use this ability frequently.

He can use the stolen lifespans to create weapons from his halo. These weapons have supernatural abilities which are useful against devils. He has different types of usage which increase the effectiveness of the weapon.

There Are five years of usage, in which he can use the stolen lifespans to create a sword from his halo and kill someone effortlessly. There is also ten years usage, hundred years usage, and thousand years usage. Each of these differs in power.

The Angel Devil is a loved character amongst the Chainsaw Man fans. He is extremely strong and is sort of an enigma.  People are very excited to  watch him get animated!

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