What Is The Most Expensive Pokemon Card Ever?


Essentially, 'Pokémon' cards are just cards that a person may collect. These cards contain various Pokémon of various types.

However, they can be used to play a game called the trading card game. 

In this game, two people battle using their cards, and based on the Pokémon's types, their stats, as well as the boosters that a person may hold, the winner is determined. 

The most expensive card ever sold or purchased is the Pikachu Illustrator. It was sold for an astonishingly high price of 5.275 million Dollars. 

It was purchased by the Youtuber Logan Paul from a collector in Dubai and it was thrust into the public eyes when he wore it to the wrestle mania around his neck like a necklace. 

He purchased the card by first trading his PSA 9 version of the card which was worth $1.275 million and then he paid the remaining amount of $4 million and bought the card.

He secured the card after 5 months of negotiating with its previous owner. This particular purchase has made the Guinness Book of World Records the most expensive purchase of Pokémon cards. 

This is by far the most expensive card that has ever been brought and it is unlikely that a more expensive purchase will take place. This purchase was one for the books!

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