What Prince Harry Revealed About Media In 'Harry & Meghan'?


The Royal Family, along with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been in media scrutiny since a long time.

The unfortunate death of Princess Diana is also connected to highly insensitive and intrusive behavior. Before and after Diana's death, the paparazzi barraged the space.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also have had a rift with the media. In 'Harry & Meghan', Prince Harry talked about the Royal Family-affiliated media system called 'Royal ROTA'.

Royal ROTA is a group of journalists from specific news outlets who are authorized to cover the Royal Family by being in the premise of the palace, which was intrusive for Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry called 'Royal ROTA' 'an extended PR arm of the Royal Family'. He said that if you are a part of it, the story is the top priority than the human being. After the Megxit, the couple disassociated with Rota.

The makers included a Ukrainian character Petra, but she fell in the trap of caricature and misrepresentation. They showed as a kleptomaniac and an egoistic woman. This was on the heels of the Russian invasion.

He also alleged that ROTA exploits and controls the Royal Family narrative.

The Sun and Jeremy Clarkson has issued an apology after Clarkson's nasty op-ed, but the couple has called it a 'PR Stunt'

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