What Wishes Shenron Cannot Fulfill In ‘Dragon Ball’?


Shenron is the Dragon that is summoned by the wisher when they collect all the dragon balls and call upon the dragon to fulfill their wish. 

 He wishes well for the user, meaning he looks for a way to complete the user's wish in a way that grants him the most satisfaction.

Shenron cannot grant some wishes, although they are rare. Let's find out what they are. 

Shenron cannot make someone stronger than the immortal creatures. For instance, when Granolah asked to become the strongest in the universe, he wasn't made stronger than the gods of destruction or the angels. 

He also cannot grant a wish that states that the waiting period for the dragon balls is reduced. After use, the dragon balls scatter around the earth and turn to stone for a year before they can be used again. 

A wish where the user wishes to bring back a person who died of natural causes cannot be made. For instance, a person who dies during battle can be resurrected, but a person who died of old age cannot be brought back. 

One cannot wish for the destruction of Dragon Balls or unlimited wishes. If one wants to destroy the dragon balls, one needs to kill Shenron or the creator of that set of Dragon balls, which is either Dende or Kami. 

These are some of the wishes that cannot be granted by Shenron who is the dragon of the regular dragon balls. 

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