Where Is Serial Killer Charles Cullen Now? 

Charles Cullen is a former nurse who murdered nearly 30 people during his career. According to some unregistered reports, he may have killed up to 400 people in his care.

This story is now adapted into a Netflix thriller-drama, ‘The Good Nurse’, which focuses on how a fellow nurse took down Charles Cullen, arguably the deadliest serial killer in American history. The film also puts a spotlight on the many hospitals that turned a blind eye to Cullen’s behavior, exposing even more flaws in the U.S. healthcare system.

Charles Cullen is the deadliest serial killer, who murdered dozens of patients over the course of 16 years. He was born in 1960, in West Orange, New Jersey, and both of his parents died when he was a child. Cullen enlisted in the US Navy but was medically discharged in 1984 after attempting to take his own life.

He is currently serving 11 consecutive life sentences for 22 of the murders he committed in New Jersey and faces another six life sentences for his killings in Pennsylvania. The serial killer is currently serving time at New Jersey State Prison in Trenton. His earliest possible parole date would be June 10, 2388.

He told police that he purposefully injected lethal doses of heart and insulin medications into random IV fluid bags, turned off ventilators, and medicated patients without doctor’s orders. One of his victims was just 21 years old, and he was forced out of at least six medical centers.

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