Who Is Ana de Armas' Boyfriend?


Ana de Armas has been dating Paul Boukadakis for over a year now. And he is an executive at Tinder. 

In an interview with Elle, the actress revealed some details about her current romantic relationship. 

de Armas met Boukadakis through a mutual friend during the pandemic. 

The couple was first photographed together in September 2021 and in December 2021, they were photographed kissing. 

The 'Blonde' actress had been with actor Ben Affleck before dating Boukadakis. Ben and de Armas split in January 2021. 

Boukadakis grew up Tulsa, Oklahoma. He  was the CEO and co-founder of Wheel,  a video-sharing app , which was very focused on his midwestern roots.

Wheel was later was acquired by Tinder after which Paul was made the company's vice president of special initiatives.

For 10 years, Paul also worked as a music video and commercial director before having a career in tech. 

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