Who Is Antonela Roccuzzo?


It is a D-day for Lionel Messi and team as Argentina will play final against France. The world is cheering for the GOAT, but it is Antonella Roccuzzo who has been a constant 

For the unknown, Antonela Roccuzzo is the childhood sweetheart and wife of the former FC Barcelona forward, Lionel Messi.

Messi and Roccuzzo met each other in their hometown Rosario in Argentina. When Messi was young, he moved to Barcelona, Spain for his football career.

The two were distant, but a tragedy brought the two closer when one of her friends died in an accident. Messi flew down to console her during her grief. It rekindled the flame of romance.

When Messi was in Barcelona, in Argentina, Antonela  was pursuing her degree in social sciences in Rosario, and then on, she did her masters in dentistry. She started her career as a model.

The two went public with their relationship in 2009. In June 2017, the two officially tied knot in their hometown, where the love story started.

Both are blessed with three lovely boys- Mateo, Ciro, and Thiago

Apart from being a supermodel, Antonela started a shoe business with Sofia Suarez and Ricky Sarkany.

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