Who Is DC’s Lobo?

Here’s an alien villain born on the utopian planet of Czarnia. It was in the 1980s that Lobo was created as a hardened villain. But he soon fell out of use. And came back to the comics a decade later with his own comics series.

Since the rise in his popularity, the supervillain has been a constant in the comics. He appeared in many series over the years. In 2019, he made his live-action debut in the second season of the television series ‘Krypton’.

This character created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffin, Lobo, appeared first in ‘Omega Men #3’ in June 1983. Though a short run the alien had been popular among its fans. He was intended to be a satire of the superhero Wolverine.

Lobo appeared to be a large blue figure who drove a demonic motorcycle at the start. He was parodied in Image Comics as Bloodwulf and as Bolo in the Topp’s comic series ‘Satan’s Six‘.

Lobo appears as a Velorpian whose entire race had been exterminated by Psions and was partnered with Bedlam, whom he later killed. In ‘Lobo: The Last Czarnian‘, Lobo’s origin story changed as he became the last Czarnian after violently killing every other member of his species.

This Czarnian has immense strength and fortitude. He became the last of his kind as he killed others for fun. This shows the villains’ arrogance and self-centered attitude. Lobo resembles a chalk-white human male with, generally, blood-red pupilless eyes with blackened eyelids.

There are some Marvel villains that Lobo can take over. This includes Thanos, Sabretooth, Green Goblin, Ultron, Loki, and finally Thanos. He can also knock out Superman in one hit, as in the comics. It is Lobo’s invulnerability with the healing factor that makes Lobo unbeatable.

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