Who Is Dr. Hasnat Khan?

Who Is Dr. Hasnat Khan?

In 'The Crown' Season 5, actor Humayun Saeed plays Dr. Hasnat Khan, one of Princess Diana's beaus before her tragic death.

Dr. Hasnat Khan and Princess Diana first met each other in 1995 when Diana was going through divorce process with King Charles. They met each other at Royal Brompton Hospital.

Dr. Hasnat Khan hailed from Pakistan. He earned his degree in Medicine and Surgery. For his PhD, he joined the Imperial College. In 1995, he was working at Royal Brompton Hospital. Princess Diana was once visiting the hospital when her acupuncturist Oonagh Toffolo's husband had to go through a triple- bypass surger. Oonagh introduced him to her visitor.

Once Princess Diana saw him, it was kind of love at first sight. She was completely smitten by his charm. She told her friend, "Oonagh, isn't he drop-dead gorgeous?" During a 2004 interview, Hasnat told that she was down to earth and noticed her fliratations.

The love bloomed when one day Khan was going to her uncle and aunt's place and Diana asked him about it. Dr. Khan asked her whether she would like to join him. Princess Diana agreed instantly and they drove to Stratford-upon-Avon. That is when their friendship bloomed into relationship.

However, Hasnat's lifestyle was becoming a hindrance in their relationship. Due to his profession, he used to work 90 hours a week which led to neglect towards Diana. One of his friends told that if not working, he used to sleep. But, despite of the neglect, Princess Diana loved him for his dedication towards his work.

Princess Diana and he discussed about a marriage. She went to an extent that she told her butler, Paul Burell to get them married. But, Khan thought it was a riduculous idea. If he married her, the normalcy in his life would vanish due to constant paparazzi intrusion.

Things started changing in 1997 when Mohammed AL Fayed asked her to go with St. Tropez with him, where she met his son, Dodi Fayed. Post her trip from St. Tropez, Hasnat and Diana parted ways. Princess Diana continued her quest of love with Dodi which was short-lived, unfortunately.

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