Who Is Esther Crawford, The Twitter Loyalist Who Got Fired?

Nishant Bhise

Elon Musk have taken some inconsequential decisions to stabilize the revenue on Twitter.

Elon Musk-led Twitter was heavily hit after advertisers pulled out advertising on Twitter. It was one of the major revenue channels for the platform.

In order to revive the dwindling revenue, he has introduced new subscription features. However, along with paid features, he is also firing people as a measure.

In the latest round of layoffs, Elon Musk has fired the most loyal Twitter employee, Esther Crawford. She was the Director of Product Management at the company.

Esther was responsible for leading the projects like Cryptos, Direct Messages, Spaces, Communities, Creators, etc.,

She even slept in the Twitter office during the major revamping process in November 2022 when Elon Musk took over the microblogging site.

The news came after Elon Musk fired an engineer due to decline in his Twitter impression. in the new round of the layoffs, he has fired over 50 employees.

After the layoff, she tweeted that going all in Twitter 2.0 with "optimism or hardwork" feels like "a mistake".

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