Who Is Frances Haughen?


In 2021, Frances Haughen exposed the behind the scenes  nefarious activities of Facebook

Frances Haughen is a native French, who studied Electrical and Computer Engineering in France and MBA at Harvard University. She specializes in algoritmic product management

She worked at Google, Yelp, and Pinterest before joining Facebook as the Product Manager in the Civic Misinformation team in 2019

At Facebook, her job was to hunt down misinformation and any issues hampering the democratic values. But, she came to know that Facebook is thriving on profitability endangering the lives of the users.

So, in 2021, she leaked all the internal documents at Facebook to The Wall Street Journal which then released them in a series titled "the facebook files". It included information like a "whitelist" permitting certain elites to flout the guidelines.

Now, the former product manager has a profitable suggestion for Elon Musk, who is currently the new CEO of the Twitter.

During an interview at NBC, she asked Elon to open source Twitter to gain more profits and make its algorithm public

She hinted that these social media moguls are scared to take such steps due to profitability concerns

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