Who Is Iran's 'Zombie Angelina Jolie'?

The Iranian influencer Fatemeh Khishvand is popularly known by her Instagram username Sahar Tabar. Her famed photos gave her the title 'zombie Angelina Jolie'.

She became famous as she posted photos of receiving plastic surgeries and the subsequent changes. It was believed that the woman had undergone about 50 cosmetic surgeries. People had pitied her for the spooky look that she had acquired.

But it was all a joke. The famed photos were just the result of photoshop editing and makeup. She claimed to have used computer effects in order to make the photos that appeared online.

The 21 year old woman who looked like the emaciated and creepy version of Jolie has now shown her real face in an interview.

The influencer had been arrested in October 2019 on charges of corruption and blasphemy. She was sentenced to ten years of prison. But she was later released from jail after 14 months. Tabar was jailed for obscenity and insulting the hijab.

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