Who Is Killer Sally?

Who Is Killer Sally?

Netflix has released yet another crime docu series named 'Killer Sally', which is based on the Valentine's day homicide of Ryan McNeil, a  body builder killed by his wife a fellow body builder, Sally McNeil aka Killer Sally.

Sally McNeil was born in Pennsylvania in 1960. She grew up in a violent household where she endured domestic violence. However, she enrolled herself at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, where she learnt swimming and running becoming athletic

Due to lack of funds, she dropped out of college and joined Marine Corps like her uncle and brother.

When she was in the Marine Corps, she met her first husband who turned out to be an abuser. During that phase, she started body building.

Sally McNeil or Killer Sally participated in her first competition called 'Armed Forces Body building Championship' in 1987. There she met Ray McNeil. They started dating each other and finally got married shifting to California. Sally had "Lust on first sight". So, in order to sustain, she started "Muscle worship", which paid her good money.

Soon, Ray also left Marine Corps and started full-time body building. Slowly, he started physically abusing her. This pushed Sally at the brink. On the fateful day of Valentine's, she killed him in self-defense. She shot him with a shotgun on his head and abdomen. Sally called 911 to inform that she killed her husband as he was beating her up.

In her trial, both prosecutors and media portrayed her as a "bully". The investigation proved that it was a "roid rage killing", as the couple was consuming steroids. In 1996, she was found guilty and transferred to California Women's Facility. Sally was released in 2020 on parole and now she is living in Northern California

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