Who Is Marvel's Lucia Von Bardas?

Dr. Victor von Doom, the monarch and supreme leader of the Kingdom of Latveria, appointed Lucia von Bardas as his prime minister. She dealt with the daily political issues and operations taking place in the European nation.

Lucia was raised in Latveria where she was born. The Americans supported Von Bardas' election as Latveria's prime minister when Doctor Doom was overthrown as the country's ruler. After that, she started actively repairing the nations' ties.

In reality, however,  Von Bardas was covertly paying American super-criminals based on technology. Phineas Mason, a bright scientist and engineer with inventive skills, was helping her with it.

Fury issued the order for S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Johnson to use her seismic talents to blow down Castle Doom, supposedly murdering the Latvian commander, after she was discovered to be financing American criminals. Von Bardas did, however, live, albeit being transformed into a disfigured cyborg.

She can fly and has an energy barrier that can block physical or energy strikes, among other abilities. Her weakness is that since Doctor Doom can readily access von Bardas' cyborg components, which are based on Doomtech, he can use them against her.

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