Who Is Miley Cyrus's New Boyfriend, Maxx Morando?


Miley Cyrus was recently spotted with her new boyfriend Maxx Morando at the red carpet of the Versace fall/winter fashion show.

The event was held on Thursday and the duo were seen posing for pictures while they coordinated the evening wear looks.

Cyrus was seen in a dazzling one-shoulder purple and black ombre effect gown with silver chain detailing. Morando was seen in a navy blazer with satin trim over a white scoop-neck tank top.

Maxx Morando is known as a drummer for Liily and he is an expert in guitar which was proved during an Instagram Live back in 2020.

He has previously collaborated with Miley Cyrus and has also produced two of her singles, Handstand and Violet Chemistry from her latest album, Endless Summer Vacation.

Born in 1998, he is 24 years old and he has also pursued a career in fashion designing. Cyrus revealed in September 2021 that Maxx contributed cartoon designs on a custom vegan leather set by designer Shane Kastl.

Speaking of that special look in an interview, Cyrus said that it is one-of-a-kind collaboration between two of her favorite artists.

She added that their collaboration is a perfect example of sustainability becoming the next fashion phase and it proves that anything can be reinvented, which resonates deeply with her.

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