Who Is The Famine Devil In 'Chainsaw Man'?


In Chainsaw Man devils are quite common and so are the people who kill them and make contracts with them. These devils are the embodiment of human fears, like the gun devil, which is the embodiment of the fear of guns. Each of these devils has certain powers and abilities, and these devils are the only things that can kill another devil.

There are some devils which are stronger than others. The primal devils and the four horsemen are extremely strong and other devils fear them. The four horsemen are war, famine, death, and conquest.

The four horsemen have taken on many forms and different ones but they generally take the form of a woman with golden eyes. Two of these devils have been introduced so far, one of which is Makima and the other is the famine devil. Let’s learn about the famine devil. 

The famine devil has the appearance of a young girl. She hit tall and has yellow eyes and light-colored hair. She likes to be called Fami. However, her appearance and nickname do not hide the fact that she is one of the strongest devils in the anime. 

The famine devil can heal people if she chooses to. And not only are the injuries healed, but the person’s strength and size also increase when Fami heals them. She can communicate telepathically and has the ability to disappear at will. When it comes to offensive abilities, the famine devil has one of the deadliest abilities. 

Fami can create a pocket dimension in which she can trap people and cause them to die of hunger. This power is similar to that of the eternity devil. She can leave the person there for eternity and they will die a slow agonizing death.

 The famine devil also possesses the basic abilities that are possessed by all the devils such as blood healing and the ability to form contracts. 

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