Who is The Most Powerful In Five Kage?

Tsunade, The Fifth Hokage of Konoha, is undoubtedly the strongest Kage in The Shinobi War Arc in terms of physical strength

She is a tank of an opponent who requires significant firepower to defeat because of her incredible Physical Strength and powerful healing factor.

The most vital and most adaptable member of the WA Five Kage is Ohnoki.

His Jinton is one of the strongest, offensive Jutsu in the entire Series, therefore it may overcome any weakness in durability the opponent may have.

Ohnoki is a fantastic support unit due to his nearly unrivaled expertise in Earth Style, which allows him to improve the power or speed of his teammates as well as that of their Jutsu.

Additionally, he has a strong fighting IQ, which even Madara commends. Ohnoki, the Tsuchikage is the strongest Kage in the Shinobi War Arc. But if we talk about physical abilities alone, Tsunade wins by a margin.

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