Who is the mother of Hulk's son Skaar?

Skaar is the son of Caiera the Oldstrong, who met Hulk on Sakaar when they worked together against the Red King. Hulk and Caiera became lovers.

Caiera was a member of the Shadow People, a mystical race native to Sakaar in the MCU. She possesses a magical ability known as the Old Power, which is feasible only in the planet’s natural environment.

With the Old Power, Caiera is capable of increasing her physical strength and other impressive feats. The Old Power made her a key figure among the Shadow People, as only some actually had access to it.

Because of the Shadow People’s unique physiology and Caeira's link with the Old Power, the son she eventually shared with the Hulk was born in a cocoon, which helped him rapidly grow into an adult.

Here's how Hulk and Caeira met. It was upon discovering Red King's villainous nature, she helped the Hulk rebel against him and later agreed to become the Hulk’s wife. Later on, she lost her life when Galactus arrived to consume her world.

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