Who Was K-Pop Singer Lee Jihan?

South Korean actor-singer Lee Jihan died in a deadly Halloween 2022 stampede in Seoul's Itaewon district. He was 24 when he passed away.

Lee Jihan was a former contestant in the Korean singing competition Produce 101.

Lee was one of the 154 people killed in the stampede. The crowd crush occurred in Itaewon, one of the most popular nightlife districts of Seoul. Thousands of people gathered on the streets to celebrate Halloween, but as the crowd grew bigger a stampede took place.

Jihan was a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry, having competed in the second season of the Korean singing competition Produce 101. On the show, which centers on 101 K-Pop performers vying for a spot in an 11-member boy band. Jihan gained a fanbase after performing covers of hits like "Overdose' and "Be Mine" before he was eliminated in the fifth episode.

Lee Jihan's agency stated: “A precious family actor Lee Ji-Han has become a star in the sky and has left us. Please take the last path of the actor Lee Ji-han, who left us too quickly. I hope you will see it warmly.”

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