Who Was The Real Vatican Girl?

Who Was The Real Vatican Girl?

The world was shocked along with the Holy city of Vatican when 15 year-old girl disappeared mysteriously in 1983.

On June 22nd, 1983 Emanuela was proceeding towards Sant'Apollinaire Complex. That day she left early as per the teachers.

Her sister testified that she was stopped by a man in a green BMW asking her if sh will sell cosmetic Avon products. The last time her friends saw her boarding a bus. Since then, she has been found nowhere.

Emanuela Orlandi was the daughter of an employee in the Papal administration. After no news from her, both her parents filed a missing persons report. The authorities speculated that she eloped with her partner, but a phone call from a person claimed that he has kidnapped her.

The man demanded that they will release her if they release Mehmet Ali Agca, the person who tried to kill Pope John Paul II. The claim came from a Turkish anti-christ group

In 2019, The family requested to open two tombs at the Teutonic Cemetery. The bones found inside it were tested, but those belonged to someone from a century ago.

Netflix released a docu-series based on the mystery of this Vatican girl. The episodes brought out the Church's angle too. One of the friends of Orlandi claims that a person closer to Pope John Paul II sexually harassed her. She was going to tell the secret, but before that she disappeared.

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