Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes For Using Romani Slur On ‘The View’


Whoopi Goldberg has recently apologized for her use of racial slur during an episode of the popular series, The View, which airs on ABC.

During the episode that aired on Wednesday, Goldberg used a derogatory term linked to Romanians while discussing about Donald Trump stating that his supporters believe that he got gypped somehow in the election.

Goldberg also apologized on Twitter, writing that when someone is at a certain age, they use certain words that they know when they were kids or remember saying the same for a long time.

Goldberg added that she should have given a second thought before using the words and that she should have said cheated but ended up using something else.

Her apology received a mixed response from the public and it comes a year after she was suspended from the show for two weeks for saying that the Holocaust is not about race.

She said at the time that Holocaust is not about race and it is about man’s inhumanity to man and that ‘these are two groups of white people.’

Goldberg added that everyone is missing the point and it is about how people treat each other and it does not matter if someone is black or white or Jews.

ABC News eventually responded by suspending her and she also issued a public apology, saying that Jewish people around the world always had her support and that will never waver.

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