Why Did Elon Musk And Amber Heard Break Up?

Why Did Elon Musk And Amber Heard Break Up?

During the infamous trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Amber claimed that Depp accused him of cheating with many celebrities, but a prominent name that surfaced was that of Elon Musk

It is not a hidden fact that Amber and Elon had an on-and-off relationship. The cheating accusations surface, because the two met each other before their respective divorces.

The two met on the sets of Robert Rodriguez's 2013 film 'Machete Kills'. Elon Musk had a cameo in the film which also starred Amber Heard. They were just friends till their divorces with their respective partners were finalized in 2016.

Things got confirmed when a picture went viral in 2017 with Amber Heard leaving a lipstick mark on his cheeks. As per sources, he started pursuing her post the divorce. The thing he liked the most is her 'not-easy-to-get attitude'. 

However, rumors about their split started surfacing in August 2017. Later, Elon Musk confirmed the rumors saying that they are still friends and love one another. He cited "long distance" as the reason and expressed hopes for future.

The two rekindled their romance at the end of 2017 when they went for holidaying in Easter Island. But, February 2018, the two called quits on their relationship. But, the sources say that the break up was for the good. Due to bad timing, the couple couldn't sustain their relationship.

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