Why Did Frieza Destroy Planet Vegeta In ‘Dragon Ball’?


Planet Vegeta is the home of the Saiyans and other life forms. It was a prosperous planet before its destruction. Ironically, it was not the native planet of the Saiyans but it was the planet they relocated to after the destruction of their planet Sadala.

Its destruction was caused by Frieza who is the most recurring villain in the entire Dragon Ball series. 

Frieza ruled the planet Vegeta and employed the Saiyans to do his bidding. He was however afraid of the legend of the Super Saiyans which he believed was more than just a legend. 

He was also afraid that the Saiyans would gain strength and revolt against him and overthrow him

As a result, he decided to destroy the Saiyans before they could overthrow him. King Vegeta however got to know his plans and fought him but got defeated. 

Frieza then destroyed the Saiyan planet to get rid of the Saiyans forever. Only 9 Saiyans survived the annihilation which included Vegeta and Goku. 

To stop the Saiyans from turning on him, Frieza started a rumor that an asteroid hit their planet and destroyed it. 

It wasn't until Goku's fight that he revealed that it was he who destroyed their planet. Goku believed it was because the Saiyans killed innocent people, but Frieza confirmed it was simply because he didn't like them 

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