Why Did Kanye West Fire Steve Stanulis?


Kanye West has had a whirlwind 2022. He was the center of the limelight for all the wrong reasons including harassing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, anti-semitism, and racially charged fashion statements

One of the most tumultuous relationships he had was with his now estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, whom he bullied and worsened the situation for everyone.

Kim Kardashian and he finalized the divorce in November 2022. But, their ex-bodyguard, Steve Stanulis, foreseen that long back.

Steve Stanulis is coming out with a documentary '15 Days with Kanye', where the former NYPD officer chronicled his tenure as Kim and Kanye's bodyguard.

Earlier, in 2020, when Steve talked about them, the couple threatened to sue him for $10 million. Ye gave him a cease and desist with the remaining remuneration of $3,800. Now, with the documentary, he wanted to talk about it in a legal way

In a behind-the-scene interview, he explained why was he fired within 15 days at work. Steve said that Kanye West alleged that he was flirting with Kim Kardashian. 

He also narrated his first meeting with Kim Kardashian. Stanulis was reprimanded for talking to Kim

Steve thought that their relationship was sinking due to lack of affection, and he knew that they will eventually part their ways.

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