Why Doesn't Naruto Summon Gamabunta In ‘Boruto’ Anymore?


Naruto Uzumaki is the main character of 'Naruto' and is the strongest character in the series. He has the six sage path chakra and is the jinchuriki for the nine tails.

Before he got the six sage path chakra and before he learned to control Kurama's chakra, Naruto used to summon Gamabunta to help him. 

He has summoned him multiple times throughout the series and he has always relied on him. Fans, therefore, are curious as to why he doesn't seem to summon him during 'Boruto'. 

Gamabunta and the other toads are very strong and large, but they are not exceptionally strong. 

In 'Boruto', the opponents Naruto faced, such as Jigen, are stronger than any he has faced in the past.

Kurama is a being made of pure chakra and as a result, can withstand many attacks. However, even Kurama died after using Baryon mode

The reason why he doesn't summon them in 'Boruto' is that Gamabunta is not strong enough to take on such opponents and summoning him would just hurt Gamabunta himself. 

Therefore, whilst Gamabunta and the toads are strong and resilient, they aren't strong enough to beat opponents in 'Boruto'. This is why Naruto doesn't summon them anymore. 

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