Why Don’t Big Stars Want To Perform At Charles’ Coronation?


King Charles’ coronation has been grabbing the attention of the internet because of the clashes between him and his son Prince Harry.

The event has also been on the spotlight as several well-known artists have declined the requests to perform at the coronation.

The Spice Girls had a special link with King Charles for a long time but even they have turned down the offer to perform at the event.

Adele, Harry Styles, Robbie Williams and Elton John were also approached for the event but they could not perform with John’s reason being his busy schedule.

Usually musicians are spotted lining up outside any royal event so that they can perform but this has not been the case in Charles’ coronation.

Author of Reach For The Stars, Michael Cragg, said that the 90s was different compared to today’s world because everyone was playful and a bit cheeky.

King Charles’ coronation has been on the headlines regarding a question that if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be invited to the event.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan have also made several charges against the royal family and the UK press claiming that their treatment towards Markle led to fears for her mental and physical health.

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