Why Elon Musk Got Booed At Dave Chappelle Show?

Nishant Bhise

Dave Chappelle brought Elon Musk to his show at the Chase Center in San Francisco. He gave a shoutout to him calling the richest man in the world.

However, when Elon appeared on the stage, he was brutally booed at by the audience members. Musk tweeted that the boos were first for hum in real life.

Elon Musk asked Dave whether he is "drawing another round of jeers".

Chappelle said that the booing audience may have bad seats. Later, he said that the audience members that are booing are the fired Twitter employees.

Musk awkwardly thanked Dave for having him on the stage. Some members cited the reasons for the jeers. The reasons include his political agenda, layoffs, and widespread firings.

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