Why Elon Musk Opposed The $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill?


The US Congressional leaders have unveiled the $1,7 trillion spending bill for the fiscal year 2023

The incumbent government introduced the bill due to hovering potential partial shut down of the government.

The spending bill has allocated the wealth to different sectors along with amendment to certain provisions like the 'Electoral Count Act'

However, the new CEO of Twitter has asked the Twitter users about their say whether the Congress should or should not approve the omnibus bill.

The users on Twitter have voted in majority confirming that the Congress should not approve of the mammoth spending bill.

Elon Musk opposed the bill as he believes "small spending" will prove beneficial in the long run. The Tesla owner does not think it is in the "best interests" of people

The new bill has allocated $858 billion to the armed forces ; $27.9billion towards the Ukraine war efforts, and it increased its wealth allocation towards medical sector.

it is aiming to overhaul 'The Electoral Count' provision after January 6 debacle.

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