Why Is Goku So Powerful Compared To Other Saiyans?


The Saiyans are creatures that look a lot like humans, but they have a tail attached to their bodies. This tail helps them to turn into their great ape form.

These Saiyans used to live on Planet Vegeta and Vegeta's father used to rule the place until Frieza attacked it. 

Many other Saiyans were introduced in the series, but none of them were even close to Son Goku's power levels. 

This is because of their way of training. Saiyans are inherently strong beings and do not need to train excessively to be stronger than most species. They grow stronger as they get older.

Goku on the other hand trained like he was human. To attain the same level, would require the Saiyan to train less than a human. 

Goku trained like he was a human and put in the same level of effort that a human would, not like a Saiyan. Vegeta did the same thing and he is almost as strong as Goku currently. 

The reason behind Goku's greater power levels than other Saiyans in the series lies in his way and duration of training. 

The only Saiyan able to match him is Vegeta and that is because he also trains in the same manner. This is why Goku is more powerful than other Saiyans. 

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