Why Jamie Foxx Left Cardi B's Birthday Bash?

Why Jamie Foxx Left Cardi B's Birthday Bash?

Cardi B turned 30 and she celebrated the occasion with friends at Poppy Nightclub in West Hollywood.

The night was star-studded with many artists attending the party. One of the attendees was the Academy Award winning actor, Jamie Foxx.

However, the stay was short for Jamie as he was denied entry at the entrance.

When Jamie was entering the party, the security guy stopped him due to a large entourage that he had. After the humiliation, he went back to his car followed by one of the staffs asking him to comeback. Foxx said, "Nah, we not good."

The member shook his hand, but Jamie confirmed, "It's all good. I don't give a f**k. No, I really. I love you, my n***a. It was too much."

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