Why Matthew Perry Left ‘Don’t Look Up'

Perry wrote in his new memoir titled Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing that he had to exit Adam McKay’s Netflix comedy film ‘Don’t Look Up‘.

It was because of a medical scare in which his heart stopped for five minutes. He wrote that a hydrocodone and propofol combination led to that.

Perry had even shot a scene with Jonah Hill and said that it would have been the “biggest movie I’d gotten ever.” He continued, “It still felt like I was constantly doing a sit-up, so it was very uncomfortable, but it wasn’t pain.”

His medical scare cost him the Netflix project where he even had some scenes with Meryl Streep. ‘Don’t Look Up‘ went on to receive critical acclaim.

In his tell-all memoir, Perry has talked about his addiction days, personal life and other things in detail.

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